We produce electronic parts terminals totaling approximately 2,000 kinds and types mainly using materials that are 50micrometer to 1.6mm thick.


Challenging technology and contributing to society

President:Yoshihisa Takano


Since our founding in 1962, we have pursued improvements in mold and production technologies and have been providing a variety of products to our customers in the fast-growing electronics industry.
This is a history of challenges such as ultra-precision press die development, in-house production of resin molding, in-house development of automatic machines, and OEM production of electronic components, all of which are achieved with the support of customers and other stakeholders. We really appreciate them.

In recent years, electronic is rapidly advancing not only in automobiles and communication equipment but also in various things in daily life. In order to help our customers create new value, we will strive to improve our technological capabilities speedily more than ever, and to provide manufacturing services that create high competitiveness and innovative electronic components.
In terms of quality of products, in addition to sincerely realizing the needs of our customers, we aim to "Manufacturing" that clears the quality standards demanded by society from the perspective of "Social in" perspective. We will actively propose the best solutions to our customers by the production technologies we have cultivated so far.

Our founder, Keiryo Takano, was an educator before starting a business. His mottoes were integrity to society and enthusiasm for human resource development. We will continue to grow with the goal of a company that is truly trusted by our customers, society, and stakeholders in accordance with the teaching.



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